Stereoscopic Light-Painting Photography by Greg Geffner

Light bounces around in the ether, diffuses through the atmosphere and illuminates the world. I turn light into a medium of substance, manipulating it into tangible images as 3-D stereoscopic photographic prints.

Non-corporeal renderings are painted directly with light during one long continuous exposure. Cameras linked together in tandem in a darkened room record the process. Drawings are created by manipulating neon wands, florescent tubes, assorted light bulbs, x-ray films, colored gels, stuffed animals, architectural environments and human subjects. These views on film are then combined during the printing process into lenticular stereographic prints or transparencies in light boxes.

Traditionally the photographic picture window has always been a flat plane with illusory tricks to create depth. 3-D photography goes a step further, allowing the viewer more information about a subject by adding the third dimension of stereographic depth.

Light paintings: phenomenological reveries of consciousness relate to various other philosophies of perception from the Cartesian idea of mind being a ghost inhabiting a machine to Eastern inspired ideas which fuse mind, body and environment. Our brains constantly revise countless memories of experiences swimming around the sea of our minds which underwrites our conscious world. These nebulous, sometimes subtle, other times prominent influences float and undulate and then manifest themselves outside of the self into reality. Even though their neurological signals emanate from inside our brains, they appear or are referred to the external world. My work mimics this referral process in a virtual reality that combines these inner and outer worlds of physical and ethereal elements of thought and emotion.